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Summer is just around the corner and nothing says summer like summer camp. But, summer camp shouldn't have to end when you're old enough to be a camp counselor. Join me for mine (a fitness focused retreat) this August by applying through this form.
What's your name? *

What's your best email address and phone number (note your preferred contact method as well): *

Summer camp will last four nights Sunday, August 26-Thursday, August 29th 2018. Are you free during these dates (if not, note good times for you in case we have enough people to run another camp): *

During Superwomen Summer Camp, you'll have time to work and work on your fitness with the help of ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fit Armadillo, Catherine Basu. Which of these two goals is the most important to you? *

What's your #1 business goal right now? *

What's your #1 fitness goal right now? *

Most days of the camp will follow the general schedule below. Do you have any questions or comments about this?

-Group goal setting
-Work time
-Lunch/walk break
-Work time
-Group check in

Our last full day together will be a free day where we'll regroup around 7 PM to close out camp. How do you think you'd like to spend this day: *

We won't literally be camping, but to keep costs low some rooms have a shared bath and/or two twin beds. Which do you prefer? *

EARLY BIRD Pricing options for different levels of room and bathroom privacy are noted below. Are you ready to claim one? Click on the option you'd like to reserve your space and you'll receive an email letting you know if you're first to claim it.

NOTE: Pricing is for NON credit card payments. This can easily be arranged through your bank account. If paying by card, an extra fee will be added.

Cost includes your bed and bath preference at our camp spot (Redondo Beach House) AND camp programming for four nights (Aug. 26-Aug. 29). It does not include meals. However, you will have access to a shared kitchen and refrigerator and two great farmer's markets are close by. You'll have the option to walk/bike to them with Catherine.

Thanks so much for completing this application. I hope to see you at camp in August. Before I do...

Anything else on your mind? Please share:

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